Soilless Cultivation

The advantages of Yadina melamine foam water absorption and moisturizing properties:
Compared with ordinary sponges, Yadina melamine foam has an open-pore structure on the surface and a huge internal porosity. Therefore, water molecules can penetrate into the matrix by its rapid adsorption and diffusion. 1g of ordinary polyurethane foam can only absorb 30g of water, and the water retention time is short; while 1g of melamine foam can absorb 300g of water, which is 10 times the water absorption capacity of polyurethane foam, and the water retention time is long. Due to the outstanding water absorption and water retention properties of melamine foam, it has good application prospects in the fields of planting substrates, sand fixation and water retention, and adult diapers. As a substrate, it has extremely strong water content (no loss of nutrient solution), anti-aging, strong antibacterial properties, stable performance, and can be soaked in nutrient solution for a long time without deformation or aging.

Advantages of Yadina melamine foam in soilless culture:
i. No soil, clean and hygienic;
ii. Organic cultivation, safe vegetables;
iii. Vigorous growth and higher output;
iv. Three-dimensional planting, saving space;

Scope of application:
Widely used in greenhouse planting, modern agriculture, artificial breeding, vegetable planting bases, cultivation of high-grade green vegetables and other fields.

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