Rail Vehicles

In rail vehicles, the excellent acoustic properties and fire safety properties of Yadina melamine foam predetermine it to play a role in the support of vehicle walls and roofs and in the decorative interior filling of laminates. In the case of side walls and ceilings, the low thermal conductivity of Yadina melamine foam demonstrates efficient thermal insulation performance. For example, the operating costs of air-conditioned passenger cars can thus be significantly reduced. Because of its light weight compared to other insulation materials, Yadina melamine foam also plays a big role in improving energy efficiency in the transportation service industry. In addition, the reduced weight of the vehicle walls and roof areas allows the vehicle's center of gravity to be lowered, thus increasing the vehicle's safety when navigating curves.  This is especially important for narrow-gauge track roads.

The melamine foam independently developed and produced by Yadina can be compounded with PVC film, felt, non-woven fabric, PU board and other materials. Used in high-speed rail, light rail, subway and other rail transit industries. Yadina melamine foam can be used in equipment compartments, air ducts, doors, interior walls of the compartment, roof, seats, side wall insulation, floors and around the engine. The light-weight characteristics (6-12KG/m³) of the melamine foam independently developed and produced by Yadina can reduce the weight of the vehicle, improve the safety of turning and reduce energy consumption. At present, CSR CNR Group has adopted melamine foam as sound and heat insulation materials. The melamine foam independently developed and produced by Yadina has excellent sound insulation and heat insulation effects, and the comprehensive noise reduction coefficient NRC=0.95, which is the product with the highest sound absorption coefficient among the existing foam materials. Coupled with its B1-level flame-retardant properties, it can meet the national flame-retardant standards for auto parts without flame retardants.

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