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The production process of Yadina tuning sponge is processed by compressing the sponge which is hot-pressed at high temperature, and can be compressed into compressed sponges with various compression ratios according to the application and actual requirements. Different compression ratios have different tuning effects, and also affect the sound quality. Yadina tuning foam is widely used, mainly used in the electronics and speaker industries, and has the effect of adjusting the tip to avoid sound, shock absorption, and noise removal. Mainly divided into: earphone tuning cotton, mobile phone tuning cotton, mobile phone noise-cancelling cotton, speaker tuning cotton and so on.

Our company also provides customized services. Yadina tuning cotton is a special foam made of different materials and different ratios according to the frequency of the audio. Compared with non-woven fabrics, the sound quality of tuning paper is more stable. Yadina melamine foam is currently the most commonly used noise-absorbing cotton in high-end mobile phones. Generally, compressed cotton with a thickness of 0.75-1mm is 5-7 times thicker as the noise-absorbing cotton for mobile phone speakers and earpieces.

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